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Forms4Health can replicate any existing processes in your organisation, currently conducted on paper or digitally. Streamline your workflows, allow more efficient, cost-effective and intelligent working.

We believe clinical software needs to reflect the dynamic, varied nature of the healthcare sector, so from the outset, we designed Forms4Health to be responsive, versatile and interoperable.

Our electronic smart forms platform contains three modules to build robust vendor-neutral forms with a user friendly, low code design tool and easy to use interfaces which enable the digitisation of existing processes and workflows.

Our Solutions

Need something off the shelf? We've provided a few examples here but our solution can flex to all your needs.

Clinician Facing Module

Go fully digital.

Patient Facing Module

Replicate any processes. Streamline workflows, cost-effective & efficient working.

Staff Facing Module

Efficiently support and manage your staff, through Vaccine booking, test and appraisal management.

Integrated Care (ICS)

End-to-end care working seamlessly across multiple care settings, smoothing the patient journey.
patient facing module

Digital Pre-Operative Workflow

Our Pre-Operative Workflow solution digitises the end to end elective patient pre-op assessment process.

  • Digitise end to end pre-operative assessment process.

  • Integrates into existing EPR or can be a standalone solution.

  • Reduces patient contact and appointments - enables patients to respond from the comfort of their own home.

  • Save Clinical time - return it to patient care.

  • Paperless - improves efficiency and accuracy of data.

Pre-Operative Assessment
patient facing module


Our eConsent solution enables a full digitised consent workflow supporting patients on an elective pathway to achieve more efficient and informed decisions. It puts patients at the centre of their own care and can be completed remotely or in a clinic.

  • Digitise end to end eConsent process.

  • Both clinician and patient interface to enable clear communication.

  • Provides procedure and patient specific information.

  • Empowers patients to make informed decisions about their care.

  • Patient can complete in clinic on their own device or at home prior to the procedure.

  • Integrated into existing EPR or standalone.

Pre-operative assessment form on iPad
patient facing module

ePROMs (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes Measures)

Our ePROMs solution provides a digital solution which enables patients to complete important documentation prior to attending clinic or following treatment. All data has the ability to integrate directly with electronic patient record systems.

  • Standardised, validated, symptom scoring tools completed by patients (or family members) in the comfort of their own home.

  • Can be used to monitor response to treatments.

  • Paperless and removes existing paper processes.

  • Reduces administration time.

  • Improves accuracy of data collection.

  • Integrates into existing EPR or can be a standalone solution.

  • Assessment scores calculated in form.

ePROMs Childhood health Assessment questionnaire
patient facing module

IAPT Digital Screening Tool

Our Digital IAPT Screening Tool supports Mental Health organisations in improving patient engagement and choice with their service whilst significantly reducing administration tasks and waiting times for treatment. It seamlessly integrates with existing case management systems or can be purchased as a standalone solution.

  • Integrated digital pathway enabling online patient access.

  • Built in conditional logic enables questions to be focussed on the patient’s primary complaint.

  • Reduces patient contact and appointments - enables patients to respond from the comfort of their own home.

  • Integrates into existing case management system.

  • Reduces paper based process

  • Returns valuable clinical time spent on administration tasks back to patient care.

IAPT Digital Screening Tool
patient facing module

Online & Video Consultations

Our Online Consultation and Video Consultation platform can help facilitate patient access to clinical services across Primary, Secondary and Community Care Settings.

Patients can request appointments, prescriptions, triage for health symptoms, or interact with clinicians for advice and support.

  • Saves clinician time & increases patient exposure to service.

  • Flexible and adaptable.

  • Aligned with national Digital First Online Consultation and Video Consultation Framework.

  • Useable in all care settings to support a holistic patient pathway and promote Integrated Care Services.

AireConsult - Aire Logic's online and video consultation platform.
patient facing module


Our Child and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS) solution has supported organisations to help streamline their patient assessment and scoring process. Our digital forms can be completed on any device (phone, tablet) by Children and Young People referred to the service, or their parents and carers. Responses in the forms are automatically scored in line with national guidance and the solution is integrated into Trust patient record systems.

  • Rapid development of digital forms which can be accessed on any device, anywhere, at any time.

  • Improves patient engagement with Health services and allows capture of patient information before and after appointments, to help with care planning.

  • Reduces administrative burden for staff, who no longer have to collate lots of paper forms from different sources into one place.

  • Solution offers automatic scoring of RCADS and SDQ questionnaires, based on patient responses, in line with national guidance.

Leeds Community Health assessment form
clinician facing module

Community Dietetics

Our community dietetics solution facilitates and streamlines clinical dietetics pathways across community services including learning disabilities, cow and milk allergies and functional gut disorder.

  • Reduces unnecessary face to face appointments

  • Improve patient engagement in the community

  • Digitise referrals across services.

ePROMs Childhood health Assessment questionnaire
Digital Functional Gut Disorder Form
Clinician facing module

Paperless Nursing Assessments

Our paperless nursing assessments enable secondary care organisations to digitise day to day nursing documentation, capturing vital clinical data in an electronic format at the point of care which can then be fed through into the centralised patient’s record.

  • Locally configurable and customisable electronic forms.

  • Automatic scoring of risk assessments.

  • Device agnostic.

  • Capture clinically coded data.

  • Integration into EPR.

  • Access to existing library including VTE, MUST, FALLS, Initial Swallow Assessments as an example.

Thrombosis Risk Nursing Assessment form
Clinician facing module


Our intuitive vital signs capture supports organisations in standardising the assessment and response to acute illness. Using the NEWS2 algorithm provided by the Royal College of Physicians it enables clinicians to quickly identify patient deterioration at the bedside.

  • Interoperable across multiple systems.

  • Automatic logic based calculation.

  • Device agnostic.

  • Clinical Decision Support

NEWS2 Clinician Assessment Form
Clinician facing module

Pressure Wound Management

Our Digital Wound Management Tool supports clinicians to identify adults at risk of pressure ulcer development and the care plan management. It can be used in both inpatient and community environments and has the ability to capture images in real time using any smart device.

  • Standardise data capture.

  • Measure and document wounds.

  • Includes digital image capture.

  • Interoperable.

Nursing Wound management digital form
Clinician facing module

Adult Mental Health Risk Scoring

Our suite of Mental Health Risk Assessments offer clinicians a fully digitised solution to support the assessment of patients either remotely or face to face. We have developed a wide range of age appropriate forms covering child, adolescent and adult mental health Services.

  • In-form calculations reducing effort and load.

  • Age specific visualisations.

  • Digitised patient friendly forms saving patient and service time.

  • Ongoing remote monitoring.

Adult Mental health And Risk Scoring Digital Form
staff facing module

Vaccine Booking

Our Vaccine Booking Systems supports the NHS in delivering a safe and fully compliant COVID Specific two-dose booking model.

  • Digital vaccine appointment booking.

  • Appointment reminders via SMS or email.

  • Centralised view of workforce vaccine status.

  • Standardisation of data capture.

Digital COVID Vaccine Booking Form
staff facing module

COVID Test Management
(PCR, LAMP and Lateral Flow)

Designed to enable your organisation to accurately and efficiently test and record COVID-19 results. Our solution includes straightforward implementation and rich reporting data providing actionable information to support a workforce.

  • Self enrolment and testing.

  • Online submission and view of results.

  • Built in reminders via SMS or email.

  • Suite of reporting dashboards.

COVID test outcome and reporting

Integrated Care System

Aire Logic’s background in Healthcare interoperability allows us to develop solutions which can work seamlessly across multiple Care settings. Our current platform is being used across Primary, Secondary, Community, Social and Mental Healthcare and helps smooth the patient pathway and provide a truly holistic approach to patient care.

  • A seamless patient journey which puts the patient first.

  • Flexible platform which can stand alone or work alongside existing clinical systems.

  • Rapidly Streamline Healthcare services and at lower cost.

  • Iterative approach allows you to start from a single use-case and scale ICS-wide.

Integrated Care System form images on iPhone

The Lancaster model (TLM): improving outcomes for children, young people and families.

If you’re a commissioner, healthcare provider or practitioner, the TLM is an intervention model that assesses the health and development needs of children, young people and their families at various life stages. Data on these groups can be accessed through an easy to use, intuitive online portal.

Early detection of health needs ensures individuals get the right level of support and reduces the likelihood of them developing issues later in adulthood.

  • Collects data on children, young people and their families at various life stages

  • Provides access to aggregated data to enable the planning and commissioning of services

  • Alerts health professionals, so they can provide the right level of care or intervention.

Clinicians discussing digital forms using a tablet and laptop

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