Digital Dentistry - Moving towards a paperless practice with Aire Logic’s Forms4Health Product

Moving towards a paperless dental practice with Aire Logic’s award-winning digital forms solution – forms4health.
June 9, 2020
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Moving towards a paperless dental practice with Aire Logic’s award winning digital forms solution  – forms4health.

Here in the UK and worldwide dentists have been struggling to provide clinical services and dental procedures in a safe manner. Much of normal dentistry such as drilling, ultrasonic scaling and polishing creates an aerosol that can spread COVID if not properly managed. As such it is likely that dental services will not be returning to normal operating models for some time – dentists will require significant PPE as well as additional deep cleaning regimes for surgeries: dentists will therefore not be able to see as many patients as before.

Digital service cannot solve all the clinical challenges, however they can help in other areas, specifically:

  • Minimising unnecessary face-to-face contacts – for instance by allowing some dentist to patient, and dentist to professional interactions to occur digitally thus reducing opportunities for the transmission of the virus.
  • Removing paper – paper has shown to be a versatile medium across the ages, but perhaps its days are now numbered. As well as getting lost, requiring information to be scanned or re-keyed, a particular concern with COVID is that paper forms etc can get contaminated and be an unwitting source of transmission.
  • Improving efficiency and practice workflow – digital channels offer dental practices opportunities to re-think the way they operate to remove some manual human activities that add little value.
  • Improving patient self help – smart digital triage solutions and online help can be provided for patients to allow them to manage some of their dental care at home.

Digital Dentistry with forms4health

At Aire Logic we have been providing digital healthcare solutions for many years, across acute (hospital), GP, community, public health, mental health and other care settings helping both with paperless working and clinical service digital transformation. For dentistry it is no different – we have developed a suite of digital forms for dental practices. The suite includes forms such as patient medical history, GDPR consent and smile assessments (to name a few). The forms are delivered using our smart, flexible, award winning, secure and complaint forms4health solution. As dentists in the UK go back to work on the 8th June, we believe it is an ideal time to examine the way practices operate and explore how digital solutions can contribute to a new way of working.

If you are interested in finding out more about our suite of dental forms you can email us at or explore and try out a live demos of some of our dental forms. If there is a form or other digital interaction we do not already provide we would be happy to speak with you to further extend the suite of solutions available.

At the moment we are offering a free one-month trial of our digital dental forms, and COVID related special introductory offer until 30th June 2020. Please email for further information.

Written by:
Mike Odling-Smee