Chief Allied Health Professions officers Awards win for Forms4Heath collaborators

July 17, 2019
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We are delighted that our partners, Iona Elborough-Whitehouse and Mark Simpson, from Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, have won the Allied Health Professional Digital Practice category of the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer Awards, for their forms4health project, eFGD (Functional Gut Disorder) tool.

Iona Elborough-Whitehouse (Clinical lead and improvement fellow) and Mark Simpson, (Innovation lead), led the winning eFGD project to digitise the paper Functional Gut Disorder form used for IBS patients at Leeds Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service. Aire Logic and LCH worked collaboratively to develop the eFGD tool using Aire Logic’s forms4health platform, allowing the usually lengthy and time-consuming FGD form to be completed electronically by patients at their leisure on a computer or mobile device, prior to their appointment.

The eForm improves the patient experience, having features such as pre-populated fields and skip logic to make it quicker, clearer, and easier to complete than the paper counterpart. It is also sent to clinicians before the patient’s consultation, meaning none of the appointment time has to be taken up filling in the form (previously this took 20 minutes on average), and that the clinician knows the patient’s specific situation in advance, so is able to use the face to face time to provide personalised care.

Iona explains some of the positive impact the eForm is already having; “Because the e-form is taking less time during face-to-face contact, clinicians have more time per appointment to invest in direct patient care. Patients require 50% fewer appointments to complete an episode of care, and therefore episodes of care are shorter – this benefits IBS patients and other patients waiting to be seen.

An unanticipated value is that there is anecdotal correlation between patients who complete their eFGD forms and those who attend appointments and complete treatments. Clinicians feel this is due to the ownership the patient has over the self-management of their health and symptoms; where an eFGD is not completed the clinician has the opportunity to discuss the importance of self-management, and explore their motivation, to increase likelihood of patient achieving symptom relief.”

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer Awards celebrate the contribution AHPs have made in supporting improvements in health, care and wellbeing, and the impacts described in AHPs into Action – the national framework and strategy focusing on the role of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in transforming care. These include goals such as equality of service, preventing hospital admissions and delivering ‘right care, right time’ to make sure patients are receiving appropriate, timely care.

This year, the awards received over 200 entries, with the eFGD project being one of only three shortlisted for the Digital Practice category. Iona and Mark were announced as the winners at the CAHPO awards ceremony in London on 17th July.

Iona Elborough-Whitehouse said “The further recognition of our work on the dietetics project shows that collaboration between front line services and a good tech company like Aire Logic is the way to drive digital transformation that makes a real difference for patients and clinicians alike.”

Gill Smith, Business Development Director at Aire Logic said “Working together with Leeds Community Trust has helped us to understand that making small but progressive change, which supports patient engagement, is of real benefit. We look forward to working with the Trust further to build on our ‘team’ success.”

You can read a case study about the shortlisted eFGD project here, or click here to watch a short video on the introduction of the eFGD tool at LCH.

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