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Forms4Health has a variety of features to support your organisation's workflow. Our platform is set up to ensure best practice and quality outcomes.
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Smart forms

What distinguishes Forms4Health as a leading electronic forms platform is the level of sophistication that can be achieved through our user-friendly form builder.

Branching logic, clinical decision support and pre-populated fields from PAS integrations are just some of the features that allow users to create efficient, comprehensive forms than can be used across all aspects of business operations.
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Publishing made easy

With a user-friendly interface and no release cycle, our intuitive form builder feels more like a publishing tool than software.

Create forms and publish them almost instantly across your organisation, with no specific technical experience required.

Your team have total control of the forms, giving you complete autonomy in the way you design, distribute and manage your resources.

Business intelligence

Not only does our smart platform provide a paperless forms solution to reduce your costs and staff workload, but it is a powerful analytical tool, allowing you to easily monitor, evaluate and report on the data you gather.
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