Enterprise Architecture
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Introducing EA Light. Developed to allow organisations to quickly and effectively apply enterprise architecture techniques.
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Designed friction free

IT decision making can often be ad hoc, isolated, and short term. By considering your key drivers, goals and your organisation's realistic capabilities, our EA Light method produces appropriate principles and strategy to deliver the desired outcomes.

EA Light has been developed allowing organisation to quickly and effectively apply enterprise architecture techniques. This creates robust IT strategies and lets you rapidly reap the benefits of enterprise architecture.
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with EA Light

EA Light iterative approach allows you to get going very quickly, growing organically as your organisation does. Ready to see the wood for the trees? EA Light allows you to focus on the most important elements first. Why wait, get in touch.

Start in the right direction

We believe in establishing architecture principles early, providing you with a yard stick for decisions taken about a capability.  With this in place, they are shared, reviewed and agreed.

EA Light

Drivers dictate the overall direction of travel for an organisation. EA Light focuses on the relationships between drivers and their associated goals, objectives and capabilities.

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Discover more about or process. Dive into our process and how you can supercharge your business.