Abstract tunnel image of the Aire Logic cog


Software Developer/Data Engineer

How long have you worked in your role/s?

Data Engineer - 1 year+

What inspired you to work in the tech industry?

From a young age I have always been interested in computers, I used to play plenty of PC games, build/modify computers, and watch a lot of youtube videos on tech. This interest in tech led me to study Computer Science at University of Leeds where I found a passion for data.

What do you like about working at Aire Logic?

Aire Logic really allows you to explore your passions, whether that's in your day to day work or your hobbies. I've been lucky enough to plan various events such as Eid celebrations, games nights and outreach events for people in my community. 

I've also been able to work on some projects which truly bring benefit to the general public and NHS, it's great to work with some amazing people on projects which make a difference.

What are your skills and expertise?

  • Python, SQL, AWS
  • DPS
  • Data Engineering

A fun fact about you

I like old school photography. This includes collecting vintage cameras and taking pictures on film.