Jo Chadwick

HR and Internal Communications Lead

Why are you proud to be part of the team at Aire Logic?

Aire Logic is a company with a heart that clearly cares about its staff. This is apparent in both the way employees are treated and the way the company considers what work to take on.

Why did you choose us over other companies? What makes us stand out?

The company ethos really stood out and appealed to me. When considering a project, regardless of size or scope, Aire Logic will always assess whether, firstly, it's beneficial to the delivery of healthcare, secondly, how it will impact the staff and working environment, and thirdly, whether it will be beneficial to the company - not only financially but in terms of staff development.

What 5 words would you use to describe Aire Logic?

Innovative, people-orientated, caring, fun, fast-paced

What's a typical day look like for an HR & Internal Comms Lead at AireLogic?

No two days are the same and that’s one of the things I love about the job. I spend a lot of my time looking after the wellbeing of the staff, be that in one to one catch ups, helping with personal development, or implementing new ways of working to ensure we’re acting on people's feedback and keeping open communication within the company.

Professional development seems to be a big thing for many people looking for a career move. How's Aire Logic set up for it? How does the company support your professional development and career growth?

Aire Logic has created “Aire Time” which allows employees to book work time for personal development. This could be anything from shadowing a project you’re interested in, attending a training course or event, or even taking part in some charity work. Personal Development Plans are also offered to all employees to help them reach short and long-term career goals, as well as improve current job performance.

What's the culture and environment/vibe like at Aire Logic?

I would describe the company culture as collaborative, as it allows me to work with my colleagues often and in an informal, engaging way. Employees are encouraged to bounce ideas off of each other and work well as part of a team. It's also an incredibly friendly environment to work in. Individuals treat each other with respect and kindness, and the company culture encourages meaningful interactions between colleagues.

What continues to motivate you working here? What gets you up in the morning?

I love knowing that the work we do is making a positive impact on Healthcare IT and that regardless of your specific role in the company, everything you do will play some part in helping people.

What makes you feel valued? And how do you feel you can contribute to the bigger picture?

Aire Logic’s flat organisational structure empowers employees to implement their ideas and their way of doing things as long as they produce the desired results. If you have an idea, you’re encouraged to run with it which gives me a great feeling of empowerment.

What's one thing you would change about the company if you could?

Maybe try to be a bit more proactive and a bit less reactive, but that’s just personal preference.

What does success look like for you and how does that marry up with Aire Logic?

To me, success look like this:

  • Working hard, but not to a level where I’m burning out
  • Doing things that absorb me and make time fly
  • Feeling like I’m making a difference
  • Being a great mum, wife, daughter, sister, and friend
  • Supporting others

I can honestly say that working at Aire Logic allows me to achieve all of the above. It’s a fast-paced environment with new challenges arising every day which enables me to problem solve and have my ideas heard. At the same time, the company is extremely flexible which means I can still have a good work-life balance.

How do we celebrate success?

Success is celebrated in a number of ways in Aire Logic. The company newsletter gives employees the opportunity to share their accomplishments, we have regular company-wide social events which reward people for their hard work as well as updating everyone about the company’s achievements, and annual appraisals where the directors recognise and reward the successes of individuals.

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