Mary Magorrian

Junior Developer

Why are you proud to be part of the team at Aire Logic?

I think we have a reputation for doing good quality work and being good to work with.

Why did you choose us over other companies? What makes us stand out?

I wanted to continue working in the area of health and have the opportunity to develop my skills. At the interview Aire Logic came across as being friendly and operating with integrity. It seemed like they wanted to see if I was a good fit rather than box ticking.

What 5 words would you use to describe Aire Logic?

Committed, friendly, expert, team, open

What's a typical day look like for a Developer at AireLogic?

I attend stand up for the Development Team(composed of people from NHS Digital and Aire Logic) to share what I am working on and hear what the rest of the team are doing. I continue work on automating the generation of some documents which currently take a lot of manual work. I answer some questions from other members of the Development Team to help with things they are working on, and look at some comments from a code review. I attend a multidisciplinary team meeting to work on a theme for NHS Pathways. This particular theme is called Simplifying Pathways. We’re introducing some changes to how the system helps call handlers choose a service (e.g. GP) for a patient.I provide technical advice and demonstrate some samples I have produced of how the system would look.

Professional development seems to be a big thing for many people looking for a career move.How's Aire Logic set up for it? How does the company support your professional development and career growth?

At Aire Logic you have the opportunity to work with people more experienced than you and people are open to sharing their experience and best practices. You can work in different environments and be exposed to different working practices.

What's the culture and environment/vibe like at Aire Logic?

It is very open and informal, with an emphasis placed on excellence.

What continues to motivate you working at here? What gets you up in the morning?

I enjoy working in the field of health and working on interesting problems.

What makes you feel valued? And how do you feel you can contribute to the bigger picture?

Getting positive comments where some work I have done has made a process work better or added a useful new feature.

What's one thing you would change about the company if you could?

A tricky one to answer as I’d imagine a lot of your experience can depend what site you’re on. Perhaps more feedback on how I can improve my code (which I do get from AL if I ask for it) or being able to work with some different technologies.

What does success look like for you and how does that marry up with Aire Logic?

Success for me is improving my skills, whether that be in my coding, communication or teamwork.Also being able to make an impact. Aire Logic allows me to work on a project where I can do that.

How do we celebrate success?

Ensuring we acknowledge when some good work has been done and passing on positive comments so we can see the impact of the work.

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