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About us

We use technology and innovation for the greater good, striving to make a positive difference to people's health and wellbeing across the country, including the most vulnerable.

Our background

Although our roots are in healthcare, we work closely with partners across education and government.

We pride ourselves on knowing our customers. Whether that's embedding software development teams or IT consultants, our work wouldn't be possible without a desire to collaborate across organisational and commercial boundaries.

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Our company values

We aim to strike a balance through our projects, ensuring we deliver the best service while maintaining the wellbeing and health of all of our people. We achieve this by only taking on projects that are:


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Tech for good

Is it meaningful work and beneficial to the public? Is it the ‘right’ course of action?


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Good for our staff

Will the work motivate and excite our people while maintaining a positive working environment?


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Good for the company

Will the work support further research and development and help us to grow?

Our companies

Delivering a net positive impact

While it's necessary to maintain a commercial focus, what really matters is our purpose, how we grow and profit, and drive change in the world.

As an employee owned company, we recognise our colleagues are the driving force behind our services and products. For this reason, we only select projects that motivate and maintain our people's wellbeing, are meaningful and beneficial to society, and support further research and development.

Leading innovation where it matters.

Since 2007, Aire Logic has delivered some of the largest healthtech projects in the world for organisations ranging from the NHS to the Singapore government. We also collaborate with local and regional NHS Trusts to local councils on bespoke projects.

We are heavily involved across many UK healthcare technology standards bodies — giving us a unique insight into the healthcare technology landscape to ensure our clients' projects are productive, relevant, and future-proof.

We advise national NHS boards, local charities and healthcare organisations on the best way to approach technology change, harnessing its potential to provide actual benefits for patients and health services

Technical consulting I Agile and DevOps I Enterprise architecture and IT strategy I Data and analytics

Product development | Implementation | Integration

Low code, high impact solutions.

Following more than 15 years of experience in providing strategic and technical consultancy to the healthcare sector, we have launched our sister company Aire Innovate.

Aire Innovate provides a suite of standalone or combined digital products to create a platform that meets specific healthcare needs.

This 'modular' product approach enables our healthcare customers to evolve and adapt technology over time rather than single-use apps that don't have the flexibility to grow with changing needs.

We offer the best of both worlds by providing ready-made products and building tailor-made solutions.