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Working with us

We're a collaborative, talented and connected team where everyone contributes equally. Having a structure with fewer levels of management gives our people a say in important decisions and the freedom to work autonomously and innovate.

Why we work this way

We’ve spent a lot of time recruiting the brightest, most innovative and talented people, so telling them what to do negates their value. Removing hierarchy gives everyone an equal chance to contribute their ideas, empowers our people to make faster decisions, solve problems quickly and drive innovation.

Driving value for our customers.

Our people don’t join projects because they are told to. Instead, they have the choice to work on projects where they can use their unique skills and expertise to add the most value to our customers.

Collaborating across disciplines.

Our bright and talented teams, who understand the fundamentals of user-centred design, agility and internet-age software engineering, work with clinicians, operational staff and those who innately understand the customers we serve.

Delivering meaningful results.

We put the right skills together and focus on outcomes (rather than outputs) to deliver results. It’s also essential our teams are diverse and reflect the people we are trying to reach and serve.

Creating a winning environment

Our team reps and principle consultants act as project leads. They focus on team growth and wellbeing rather than taking a traditional managerial role. Project leads empower (instead of micromanage), facilitate (but do not command) and engage members in their work — creating an workplace where everyone can thrive.

Building strong teams.

At Aire Logic, we prioritise building community and staying connected through free team lunches, events and awaydays. We typically hold quarterly team-building days to share company updates, introduce newbies to the wider team, and boost productivity and spirits by bringing everyone closer together.

Sharing our knowledge.

Putting knowledge and information into everyone's hands helps them connect, perform better and become stronger as professionals. We value the power of knowledge sharing. From lunch and learns and show and tells to mini-conferences and guilds — we share our skills, expertise and knowledge to deliver successful projects and support collaboration with our customers.

Nurturing diverse talent.

Our people have interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, which make them great problem solvers and innovators — they value continual learning, strive to develop new skills and have the opportunity to explore other career paths. They can also get hands-on experience in our day-to-day operations to develop business acumen and relationships with teammates.