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Agile and DevOps

We combine software development and IT operations (DevOps) to help your healthcare organisation deliver high-quality digital solutions and services at pace. DevOps complements agile software development.

How can we support you?

We are a leading agile healthcare consultancy who were the first to introduce agile software development at scale to national NHS systems — successfully delivering many DevOps projects locally and nationally like the design and delivery of NHS Trust electronic health record (EHR), interoperability programmes and mission-critical national systems.

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction.

Use continuous improvement and development pipelines to deliver better features and solutions — addressing patients’ needs for convenient and quality healthcare. Taking user-centric approaches to delivering patient facing services, reducing admin time for healthcare organisations and improving patient outcomes.

Meet compliance standards and information security.

With compliance against ISO 9001, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and more, we are able to help accelerate your software delivery whilst maintaining a keen focus on secure and standards-compliant practice.

Automate daily, repetitive tasks.

Many processes and tasks take up valuable time like configuration checks, software updates and database backups. These can be automated easily using DevOps tools, so your IT team can deliver more value to end-users. We have experience taking enterprise applications from a legacy state to being highly automated and continuously deployed several times a day, allowing the organisation to be agile and responsive to change.

Leverage data and support data science.

Machine learning models and artificial intelligence algorithms help you to process big data to uncover insights and help you make data-driven decisions. Our team of data science specialists can help you interrogate that data, and draw conclusions based on evidence-driven, historical information.

Integrate your healthcare estate.

We can help you build systems which interact with national systems such as PDS, GPConnect and NHS Login, using standards and approaches such as HL7 FHIR, ITK and MESH.