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Data and analytics

Turn your data into actionable insights.

Unlocking insights from data

Our team has a wealth of experience working across the public and private sector, and cutting edge research centres — ranging from policing, healthcare and machine learning to supply chains, image processing and much more. They can help you to reimagine existing processes to ensure data is transparent, reliable and accessible on demand.

Leverage your data.

We can help you improve your data collection and engineering to build future analytics capabilities.

Automate and drive value.

We develop reproducible and automatic analytical pipelines that improve the quality of analysis, creating a more efficient process that delivers value and increases trust.

Predict risk and prognosis.

To make informed clinical decisions and treatment strategies, we can develop statistical methods for risk prediction and prognostic models.

Manage your data.

We can build and support existing data platforms to ensure your data is stored securely, managed easily and provides you with a flexible view.

Drive business intelligence.

We can help you extract the most from your data, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Support data-driven decisions.

We can help you analyse, visualise and present your data to support public-facing research and publications.

Mobilise your data.
Make better business decisions.

Imagine a steady stream of insights to help you make better decisions faster.
AI, analytics, and data have opened up a world of possibilities. But if your organisation’s data is incomplete or low quality, it can’t be mobilised. 

Our Aire Analytics team can streamline the process of collecting, integrating and extracting data to enable organisations of any size to become more data-driven.

Our experts use AI and machine learning, natural language processing, data visualisation, and mapping to automate manual processes. They can create user-friendly interfaces with a single view that provides customers with the data when they need it.

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