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Enterprise architecture

Our agile approach will help you move quickly to an enterprise architecture solution if you're investing in modern cloud technologies.

Combining agile practices with formal architecture methods

Whether you need to review your complete healthcare architecture, establish a healthcare architecture team or look at specific challenges, we're here to help.

Our team of enterprise, solution and technology architects will help you rapidly find solutions to existing technology challenges using a process called 'EA Light', improving your business performance and providing strategic support.

We understand the unique challenges facing healthcare

Aire Logic has a wealth of experience working with large-scale healthcare enterprises. We recognise IT solutions can be sporadic, short term and delivered in isolation to meet the desired business outcomes.

We can apply the appropriate principles and IT strategy by considering your organisation's key drivers, goals and realistic capabilities. We are keen to draw from our experience to support your organisation in finding the right business solutions by:

Performing rapid reviews of a large-scale architecture.

Based on an architectural trade-off analysis.

Developing an EA Light method tailored to you.

Based on our established methods and processes.

Creating an enterprise architecture solution.

Meets the specific needs of healthcare.

What is EA Light?
Architecture redefined.

A process to help you move quickly to an enterprise architecture solution while maintaining strong levels of assurance, management and governance.
Here's how...

Define your organisation's vision, business drivers and outcomes.
Validate the selected capabilities that support your priorities, using scenario planning to explore the boundaries and stretch operating conditions.
Establish an enterprise capability framework.
Document key architectural decisions that are assessed against the quality attributes and scenarios.
Investigate and prioritise architecture quality attributes, scenarios and delivery.
Deliver a status report detailing recommendations and risks, sensitivities and trade-offs.