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Our social impact

Tech for good: leaving a positive legacy

Our company values

At Aire Logic, we choose to take on projects that are good for healthcare, our staff, and the company. We are committed to using technology to tackle social and environmental problems with the aim of improving wider communities and lives.

We work with several community and healthtech partners within a wider consortium to drive positive change. All of our partners share the same values, sustainable working conditions and business practices.

Pro bono consultancy and software development

To improve the health and wellbeing of the wider community, we invest in, and carry out pro bono consultancy and software development with the following not-for-profits. We also help underrepresented or diverse groups kickstart a career in technology by partnering with coding clubs and charities.

The Lancaster model.

Developed software that powers the Lancaster model (TLM), enabling school nursing teams to carry-out child assessments that identify children, young people and their families who need early health intervention. It supports 500,000 school children nationally.

National Electronic Bed Search.

Provided technical expertise and funding for the national electronic bed search (NEBS) — ICS commissioned service that is free for providers, patients and families that locates and refers young people with acute mental health needs to residential care near their families and home.

Children's Heart Surgery Fund.

Developed digital assessments with the Children's Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) for family support workers to improve the patient evaluation process.

Symptoms App.

Built a Covid-19 symptom app with the Bradford Institute for Health Research to help tackle under-engagement from ethnic minorities in Bradford.

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Partnering with like-minded healthtech companies

Sharing values and common goals.

We work with a wide consortium of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who share our values, like AUG Data, Bluesmith, Burendo, Digital Detox, Hive IT, Think Tribal and UX Connections. Together we provide an unrivalled level of expertise across healthtech.

Adding value to our clients.

Our collective specialisms include in-house clinical risk management, legal expertise in data-sharing agreements, and privacy and data processing policies. Among our partners is the only company in the UK that offers end-to-end risk support.

Supporting others.

We regularly audit partners against recognised approaches like SMETA and B-Corp. They, too, share the same ethos and support community-led initiatives, from holding tech talks at local universities and developing mental health digital services to supporting nonprofits that focus on housing women and getting them back into the workforce.

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Charitable donations.
Supporting causes we believe in.

We are open and transparent about who we support, and politically neutral, which means we do not donate to political parties. However, we believe that companies must be inherently engaged in their communities to drive social value.

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Our carbon reduction plans.
We are committed to net zero.

To achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, we plan to reduce carbon emissions by 10% annually. To date, we've introduced environmental measures that include a majority remote working policy, an employee cycle-to-work scheme, virtual meetings and paperless procedures to help meet our target.

But we don't intend to stop there. We plan to recycle more of our waste and switch to greener suppliers including cloud hosting providers (who are also committed to net-zero carbon) and renewable energy providers. And aim to save energy on cloud resources and invest in renewable energy schemes. Learn about our carbon reduction plans.