Aire Logic checks in with Holly at the end of 2023

Throughout this year we have followed and supported Holly on her remarkable journey as she reflects on 2023

Aire Logic's unwavering commitment to its social values provides remarkable support for Holly in her pursuit to become the world's strongest woman. Throughout 2023 we followed Holly on her remarkable journey and we caught up with her to get her thoughts and reflections and what is coming in 2024.

"Ah, the off-season—a period that usually has me feeling a bit low as I tackle the gritty groundwork that sets the stage for the following year. But this time around, it's been surprisingly enjoyable! I've kept myself busy, driven by my passion for progress. You probably know by now that having a goal fuels my motivation, and during this break from competing, I've set and not just met, but surpassed multiple mini-goals!

While many might think of strongman goals solely in terms of numbers, for me, the primary objectives were focused on mentality and confidence. However, seeing the numbers soar alongside these mental victories has been an incredible bonus.

For 2024 there's a sense that something truly special is brewing. My overarching aim, as always, is to surpass the accomplishments of the previous year. From mental fortitude to podium finishes and a spectrum of opportunities, the world of Strongwomen is evolving faster than any of us anticipated. The array of competitions and possibilities seems boundless.  My target is to push further on the international stage, aiming for those golden tickets to Europe, worlds, and some thrilling moments in Singapore!

Progress isn't limited to personal achievements; I've also made strides in my own competition league—the Northern Amateur Women's League. Creating a safe and inclusive space, fostering a community steeped in equality and diversity within the sport, has been a dream. Witnessing women embrace and relish this sport has been beyond my wildest imaginings and will continue to do this.  

I can't emphasise enough how inspired and driven I am by the unwavering support, none of this would be possible without all of that and the encouragement I get. I want to say a massive thank you to Aire Logic for the sponsorship and the support, businesses supporting women in sport is something special and as an athlete it is beyond exciting to see.  

To have secured not onlymultiple national but international titles is beyond anything I once deemedachievable. I am excited for the exhilarating journey that 2024 promises to be!

And mark your calendars, folks—England's Strongest Women qualifiers open this February! WATCH THIS SPACE”