Powering Through Training Challenges and Upcoming Competitions

As we enter into our 3rd year of sponsorship with Holly, we caught up with her to find out what she has been up to and her goals moving forward.

Let’s begin with England’s Strongest Women.

Preparation is well underway, and there has been significant groundwork. Reflecting on our trial run at the Arnold’s, three main areas emerged for improvement - confidence, cardio, and consistency.

While these may seem straightforward, when we broke it down, I realised my confidence wavered with the introduction of new protocols. This lack of confidence, in turn, affectedby consistency. Over the past few months, we’ve dedicated ourselves to drilling every aspect, aiming to bolster confidence and consistency.

Some might say, “just do the work, it’s easy” but after almost two years in the field, adapting to change isn’t easy for me, especially with my sensitivity to change due to autism.  However, this year is about pushing boundaries and progressing. Overcoming overstimulation is a significant achievement for me, and I’m proud of it.

Moving on from England’s, what else have I been up to?

Drum roll please …following my performance at Arnolds UK, I’ve received an invitation to compete at Arnold’s EU in Madrid this October.  This opportunity not only provides exposure but also invaluable international experience.

Meanwhile, the league I manage is thriving, with our final qualifier of the year approaching. I’m overwhelmed by the number of entries and the league’s success. Supporting women in sports is my passion, and providing a safe competitive space is incredibly fulfilling. This league is my way of giving back to those who’ve supported me and inspiring others to join.

What’s next?

While preparing for England’s, the events for Europe’s Strongest Women were announced, and I couldn’t resist the challenge. Juggling preparation for two major competitions simultaneously isn’t ideal, but I thrive on the challenge. Europe’s qualifier being online means focusing on achieving impressive results in our gym, particularly with the max monster dumbbell, max axle deadlift, and max repetition to sandbag to shoulder events. These challenges test my technique and push me to improve continually.  

Thank you to Aire Logic for their unwavering support, it means everything to me, and I am grateful for another year of opportunities for growth and progress.