The benefits of doing Yoga

Find out why we encourage our people to take part in our regular Yoga sessions.

We take the health of our people seriously and it is important to us that they all feel supported.

During the first COVID lockdown, we set up a regular weekly online Yoga Session for all of our people and the feedback received was so positive we have continued to provide the sessions.

WhyYoga? A study of over 7000 people found out that practising just 10 minutes ofYoga poses improved their bone, skeletal and muscular health, as well as their focus, concentration levels, working memory and mental health so it was a no brainer for us to start to get our yoga on.

The classes are open to all, be it if they are new to Yoga or if they are a practised expert.  We have a teacher called Sue who is a qualified Yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner and she always explains each move clearly so it is really easy to follow her guidance.  

Sue is the only one who has her camera on so no one needs to feel embarrassed but we do have some of our people who have been getting together in the office to follow the sessions which really helps with getting to know each other more outside a typical working situation.  

Rita, one of our Senior Business Analysts, and a regular Yoga attendee has this to say about why Yoga helps her.

“I had never done any Yoga before and I still don’t consider myself an expert, but I have really felt the benefits of joining the sessions. The improvements to my flexibility and wellbeing has been great and it energises me and sets me up for a great afternoon”