NHS X Artificial Intelligence: How to get it right

October 30, 2019
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Following the announcement of the £250 million investment in Artificial Intelligence applications for health and care through the creation of the NHS AI Lab, the report Artificial Intelligence: How to get it right. Putting Policy into practice for safe data-driven innovation in health and care from NHS X ‘sets out the foundational policy work’.

With contributors from across the health and social care system including the Academic Health Science Network, Accelerated Access Collaborative, Collider Health, Dr. Indra Joshi, Head of Digital Health and AI at NHS X said that the report provides “a cohesive overview of the current state of play of data-driven technologies within the health and care system. We hope that it will make clear wherein the system AI technologies can be utilised and the policy work that is, and will need to be done, to ensure this utilisation is done in a safe, effective and ethically acceptable manner”.

Aire Logic is proud to contribute our experience and ideas through our wider digital health collaborations in health and social care, as well as through the work with our product forms4health. We look forward to supporting, learning and developing future technologies within the NHS AI Lab.

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