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Technical Horizon Manager

What’s your role?

I am the Technical Horizon Manager and I also work with the marketing team and help run the social media pages for Aire Logic. My role includes interviewing and guiding people to their perfect role. As well as bringing new people into the company, I also help plan what projects our staff can move on to if their current project is coming to an end or if they’re looking for a new challenge. 

What inspired you to work in the tech industry?

I started getting into tech when I went to college as one of my A-levels was I.T. When I was at college I thought I wanted to be an I.T teacher and my advisor at college said that I should do I.T and Business at university to broaden my horizons to keep my teaching options open. When I started at university my modules were a mix of both business and ecommerce as well as hands on coding development. I soon realised I wasn’t a natural coder but I did find the world of tech interesting. Before I had even graduated I got my first role in recruitment which was in the I.T sector, from then on I learnt more about the different roles and 3 years later I started at Aire Logic. 

What do you like about working at Aire Logic?

What I love about working at Aire Logic is being a part of an organisation that puts health care first. Although I may not be hands-on on a project, I like knowing the people I recruit are going on to these projects and making a huge difference with the world of health tech. 

Your skillset and expertise:

My skill set is tech and recruitment, which is why I'm in my perfect role. My main expertise is recruiting Developers that specialise in .Net or Python but I also recruit the full software development lifecycle.

Something personal or a fun fact about you:

I hate to be that person but outside of work, I just love spending time with my friends and family. I’m also trying to visit as many new countries/cities as possible so if you have any suggestions, let me know! I’m always open to new places to see.