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Internal Recruitment and Relationship Manager

What's your role?

At Aire Logic I recruit both permanent and temporary staff. I’m involved with interviewing and guiding people to their perfect role. As well as bringing new people into the company, I also help move people around to make sure they are on the right project for them.

How long you’ve worked in recruitment?

I’ve been working in recruitment since 2010 when I started out in engineering. Since then, I’ve recruited people in many different industries from contact centres to Formula 1 and everything in between.

What made you get into the tech industry?

I started a full-stack web development course in lockdown with the intention of becoming a web developer. When I was approached about working at Aire Logic it seemed like the perfect fit. I can carry on my learning whilst also working with people in the tech industry.

What do you like about working at Aire Logic?

Aire Logic gives me the opportunity to carry on learning and developing and to progress with my career.

Your skillset and expertise:

Resourcing, account management, relationship management and interviewing.

Something personal or a fun fact:

Outside of work I enjoy photography and film however, most of my time gets taken up renovating our 1930s home.