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Software Developer

How long have you worked in your role/s?

I have been in the industry for 18 years now with 11 years as a developer and 7 years in other roles.

What inspired you to work in the tech industry?

I have had an affinity to computers and programming since my childhood and it felt natural to progress towards a career in it. After schooling, I opted for Computer Sciences as my discipline in Engineering and graduated in 2004 and got placed in a consulting company as a developer.

What do you like about working at Aire Logic?

I heard about Aire Logic in 2017 from my partner who only had good things to say about the people. It was probably the only company that she was sad to have not cleared and that was always at the back of my mind. So when the opportunity presented itself in 2021, I tried by earnest and was happy to be selected in the process.

Coming from a background of working in consultancy giants, Aire Logic was a breath of fresh air. The work ethic and culture is backed by a set of wonderful and talented people. There is an almost flat hierarchy which is quite refreshing and this reflects in the Dev teams driving decisions around building systems. There is great encouragement to learn and skill up while working on something. 

I appreciate the charity initiatives, AireTime to learn/skill-up or get involved in volunteering and the various social events are fun to be part of.

What are your skills and expertise?

List any technologies (tech stack), methods used, formal qualifications and/or experience.

  • .Net framework/Core
  • JQuery, React/Material UI

Fun fact about you:

I am a big fan of anime and mangas, a little bit of gaming and running.