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Enterprise Architect

How long have you worked in your role/s?

15+ years (2+ at Aire Logic)

What inspired you to work in the tech industry?

I have always loved finding things out and solving problems, not always in that order. I started with Physics at university which for me is the ultimate place to find out about how stuff works, straight after that I took a left turn from pure science but continued in the vein of “understanding enough about a situation to make something work the way I need it to”. My chosen industry for this was a career in backstage technicals for Theatre. The adage that the show must go on is very true and that gaffer tape has many uses is also true. I then took another turn and studied a master degree in scientific and engineering software before moving into the world of stock market settlement systems. Again this has been about seeing the problem and coming up with a solution that works. From there an easy hop into healthcare via insurance and retail banking. Healthcare is especially rewarding as there are a lot of things to fix!

What do you like about working at Aire Logic?

Aire Logic is a low hierarchy company, this means I don’t claim any traditional role title within Aire Logic and that I can fulfil many different roles when it comes to working with clients. This of course depends on my skills but these are developing all the time. Today I might be a Business Architect, but with some direct experience bringing a data lens to a client I can be a Data Architect tomorrow. Being able to do work at what is needed rather than being bound by what is expected.

What are your skills and expertise?

  • Communication
  • Architecture Debt Management
  • Solution Governance
  • Presentation
  • Architecture Review / Governance
  • Metamodeling
  • Facilitation
  • Enterprise Capability Modelling
  • Architecture Tradeoff Assessment Method
  • Visionary
  • Enterprise Data Modelling
  • EA Light

Fun fact about you

Part time lighting designer for amateur theatre productions