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From software development to IT consultancy and DevOps, our agile teams can help you build a digitally mature education system.

Levelling up education standards through technology

Our team has extensive experience providing technical and strategic delivery expertise to every education partnership we form. We're passionate about using technology and innovation to help training providers and employers, and to improve the outcomes of young people and learners.

As a tech for good company, we seek to address the barriers that hold children and young people back, helping them to succeed in education, employment or training, so they have the best start in life.

Why work with us?

Diverse teams.

Our people specialise in user-centred design, delivery, data and technology. They come together, work in the open, and value experimenting and trying new things. Committed to putting users first, they help to deliver exceptional products and services.

Renewing or updating IT.

We have a wealth of experience renewing IT systems across the public sector to automate and digitise routine manual processes while upgrading outdated legacy IT systems. Strong governance and evidence-based decision-making underpin our work, aligning with user needs and business priorities.

Digital, data and tech.

Digital, data and technology are at the heart of what we do. We work closely with service users to respond to their needs and outcomes in education and care while delivering value for money.

Tooling and methodology.

Agile principles underpin everything we do, along with other tools, processes, standards and frameworks to enable secure data sharing across departments, support decision-making, and improve services.

System architecture and integration.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in system architecture and integration across the public sector. Our teams can help you design the perfect integration strategy — using technologies that will work with your budget and current infrastructure — helping your organisation to grow and improve the student experience.

Aire Suite—low-code, high-impact solutions

If you’re looking to build a simple form or create a complex workflow, we have developed a suite of digital products. You can use them individually or together to create a platform that meets your needs.

This 'modular' approach means you can evolve and adapt technology over time rather than single-use apps that don't have the flexibility to grow with your changing education needs.

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