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Build your own healthcare platform

Whether you're looking to design a simple form for your patients or a complex clinical pathway, our digital products can help meet your healthcare needs.

Why choose AireInnovate products?

Modular in design.

You can use our range of digital products individually or together to create a platform that meets your specific healthcare needs.

This 'modular' approach enables you to evolve and adapt technology over time rather than single-use apps that don't have the flexibility to grow with your changing needs.

Offering you the best of both worlds — choose from our ready-made products or a custom-built solution.

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Low-code, high impact solutions.

Healthtech needn't be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. We've developed all of our digital healthcare products with business users in mind, with little to no coding experience.

We provide visual and simple ways to build forms — helping you build applications from scratch that are interoperable and scalable.

Let our technology do the hard work for you while you focus on innovation.

Easy to scale.

To meet future demand, our low-code solutions support scalable cloud-native SaaS architectures and integrate with popular cloud computing providers — technologies that can handle significantly more users and data as your organisation grows and evolves.

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Avatar icon, Aire Logic's solutions are co-created with clinicians
Avatar icon, Aire Logic's solutions are co-created with clinicians
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Co-created with clinicians.

We’ve created our products in collaboration with our clinical advisory group to meet patient and clinical needs, and healthcare standards.

Building strong partnerships

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Testimonials. Trusted to deliver.

"Feedback from healthcare professionals, patients and parents has been positive. It highlights that the new development has transformed the value of the digital CHAQ to support consultations."

Gavin Cleary

Gavin Cleary

Director of Medical Education, Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist

“Modernisation of our EHR platform and unlocking the power of data using openEHR is a key part of the strategy to advance cancer research. This partnership (with Aire logic) will provide us with industry leading expertise to expand our talented in-house software engineering team.”

Alistair Reid-Pearson

Alistair Reid-Pearson

Chief Information Officer

"The introduction of forms4health to drive innovation in patient engagement has exceeded our expectations on a number of levels, including patient engagement and making better use of valuable clinical time. We look forward to expanding our work with Aire Logic to deliver further benefits in the near future"

Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson

Project Support Officer

"It has been a real pleasure to work with Aire Logic over the past year. Expert, professional and great teamworking made them an ideal partner for us at CAILTEC. Look forward to further work in the future"

Dr Taj Hassan

Dr Taj Hassan

"Using the Aire Logic forms framework for preoperative assessment enabled our Trust to rapidly move away from face-to-face preoperative assessment for almost all our patients. This improved patient experience, the efficiency of our processes, and clinical quality. It’s a win-win."

Dr Alwyn Kotze

Dr Alwyn Kotze

Consultant Anaesthetist

"I am working with Aire Logic to create a novel database for patients who suffer life-threatening allergic reactions to drugs used during surgery. The team have consistently demonstrated a high level of clinical understanding combined with superb technical expertise. This close partnership has allowed us to develop an innovative, user-friendly and sustainable IT solution to a complex clinical problem"

Dr Louise Savic

Dr Louise Savic

Consultant Anaesthetist and NIHR Doctoral Fellow

We approached (Aire Logic) with an 'idea' that had the potential to alter the course and improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the UK and internationally. They immediately saw the societal benefit and agreed to become partners. We now have a remarkable product we are taking to market, and every demo receives praise for its ease of use, customer experience and exceptional search functions.

Gary Hawkins

Gary Hawkins

Founding CEO

“Aire Innovate's flexible and innovative low-code platform has enabled the digitisation of nursing documentation and workflow at the point of care - releasing valuable clinician time back into patient care”

Paul Roll

Paul Roll

Head of Product Delivery & Integration

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