Aire Logic awarded a place on the NHS Wales PROMs framework

We proudly announce that we’ve been awarded a coveted place on the All Wales Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Framework.

Our pioneering low-code platform, AireSuite: ePROMs , and other patient and clinician-facing solutions already serve over 30 NHS customers..

There are currently seven health boards and several NHS Trusts using digital and paper PROMs. As the National PROMs platform (NPROMs) transitions into maintenance mode later this year, NHS organisations will procure alternative digital PROMs solutions using the framework..

Our inclusion in the framework is a testament to our commitment to improving healthcare, which aligns perfectly with Welsh Government initiatives — making healthcare more effective, efficient, and patient-focused.

Delivering value in healthcare for the Welsh NHS

Value in healthcare (VBHC) is a critical approach to healthcare delivery, aiming to ensure that healthcare outcomes in Wales are on par with the best in the world. Prudent Healthcare has laid the foundation for healthcare improvement in Wales, and PROMs play a crucial role in measuring and monitoring these improvements from the patient's perspective. This data helps clinicians fine-tune their care, empowers patients to make informed decisions and fuels research.

Each health board and NHS Trust is dedicated to VBHC with support from Welsh Value in Health Centre (WViHC). They emphasise consistent PROMs data collection aligned with (PROMs Standard Operating Model) PSOM, offering clear guidance and tools for structured data.

PSOM promotes standardised data flow for comparisons and supports various clinical pathways. To achieve this, NHS Wales uses Data Standard Change Notices (DSCN) for standardised PROMs data and Local PROM Data Specifications (LPDS) to collect local PROMs data consistently.

"We are thrilled to have been chosen for the NHS All Wales PROMs Framework. It's an exciting opportunity, and we can't wait to collaborate closely with the NHS in Wales. We're committed to bringing our expertise and innovative low-code solutions to drive better healthcare outcomes and enhance patient experience." - Cairen Ball, Strategic Account Director at Aire Logic

Aire Logic is committed to supporting the Welsh NHS in its journey towards value-based healthcare and the improved well-being of patients in Wales. AireSuite's innovative solutions will continue contributing to better healthcare outcomes and enhanced patient experiences. 

Our groundbreaking PROMs work with Alder Hey Hospital has been featured in the prestigious NHSX Digital Playbook.  

Learn how Aire Logic digitises PROMs at Alder Hey and about our patient-facing AireSuite: ePROMs Solution.

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Aire Logic is an innovative health & care IT consultancy dedicated to improving the delivery of care, from the clinical staff experience to measurable patient outcomes. Our services range from enterprise architecture and strategic consultancy to creating high-impact low-code software solutions.



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