Forms4Health surgery consent planning form

Electronic patient recorded outcome measures

Our digital solution helps patients to complete important documents before and after treatment.

Digitally transforming healthcare

Patient self-reporting is a key aspect before and after surgical or medical treatment — enabling clinicians to gain informed consent and measure the quality of care provided and health gains after treatment. However, the process is often paper-based, leading to errors and leaving no clear audit trails.

Our electronic patient recorded outcome measures (ePROMs) solution enables you to replace pen-and-paper with secure electronic data collection methods — improving data quality, resulting in faster form completion and better clinical decision-making.

Use symptom-scoring tools.

Support patients to self-report their symptoms remotely and receive tailored self-management advice based on their scores. This information is also shared with clinicians in real-time to monitor or respond to treatment.

Improve the patient experience.

Patients can quickly review and complete questionnaires or forms from the comfort of their homes — reducing face-to-face visits in-clinic or hospital. Patients receive a text or email with a secure link to complete a document on any device. No login or registration is needed.

Streamline consent-to-treatment.

Our e-Consent feature enables patients to receive the right information at the right time before they consent to treatment — reducing the risk of errors or misunderstandings between clinicians and patients. eConsent is also available as a standalone solution.

Reduce administrative burdens.

Make significant process improvements by going ‘digital’, enabling clinicians to reduce the administrative burden of paper-based processes and freeing up time to consult with more patients.

Connect with existing system.

Integrate ePROMS with your other healthcare applications, like patient administration and electronic patient record systems — recording complete patient information. In future, we can expand ePROMS regionally across an integrated care system.