Aire Logic transitions to becoming an employee owned business

The healthtech consultancy, Aire logic has announced its plans to transition ownership to an employee-owned trust.

Aire Logic transitions to becoming an employee owned business

The healthtech consultancy, Aire logic has announced that it has completed a transition to being an employee owned business, which sees staff become the majority owners of the business. Through this move an 'employee trust' acquires a majority share and empowers employees to be at the forefront of key decisions, driving the future direction of the company.

Driving healthcare innovation for 15 years

Aire Logic, was founded in 2007 by Michael Odling-Smee and Joseph Waller who have seen the company go from strength to strength, growing to just under 200 permanent employees in the last couple of years.

Today, the company builds many of the major national systems in the NHS and some of the largest Trust based solutions in the UK. It has provided advice across the NHS from national to trust and local level through its strategic consulting and enterprise architecture wing. It is a leader in interoperability, healthcare standards and agile development best practice. And also has a groundbreaking suite of digital healthcare low-code products, including the award-winning forms4health platform.

Building a positive legacy for healthcare

Putting the employees in the driving seat is key to the future success of the company, allowing it to keep its unique culture and ethical focus. This move will enable staff to feel even more connected to the company and have a real stake and say in the success of the business. They can take pride in knowing that they are shareholders who are creating a positive legacy for healthcare.

"As one of the largest tech companies to take this route so far, our ambition is for Aire Logic to become an archetypal example of what can be done with employee ownership. Although traditionally owned businesses will always have an important place in a capitalist economy, we do think there is a third way. With greater control and engagement from staff owners and a continued focus on ethical projects we hope that having no other shareholders will allow all the effort and success to be fed back into better customer outcomes and staff happiness.” Joseph Waller and Michael Odling Smee, Aire Logic Founders

As part of the transition, Aire Logic has decided to separate the software product side of its business and form a brand new company ‘Aire Innovate Limited’.

Aire Innovate will focus purely on the development of its suite of low-code products, renewing existing customer contracts associated with this area of the business.

The new company will still operate with the full support of Aire Logic, while existing customers will receive the same level of service and support.

Leading the way in healthtech

Starting from humble beginnings, Aire Logic has grown into a leading healthtech provider with a longstanding relationship with the NHS. The company is about to embark on one of the most significant and high profile government initiatives in the county, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and flu vaccination programme. This work builds upon one of the most complex vaccination programmes in the history of the NHS and continues to support the safe and effective rollout of vaccines to citizens.

Transitioning to an employee owned business comes at an exciting time and empowers employees to lead the next chapter in Aire Logic’s future.