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Go paperless with our eforms platform

Putting you in control of your healthcare IT with our fully interoperable, dynamic and user-friendly smart forms platform.

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Forms4Health is used to submit over 1.8 million eforms per month with annual savings of £3 million.

And that's for just one of our customers!

Digitally transforming healthcare

We can save you and your patients time by digitising your paper forms to transform how you manage workflows that assess, triage or discharge patients to other services.

Remove repetition and error.

Manual forms are prone to human error, contain sensitive information and are difficult to manage if data needs to be typed into existing systems. Patients are also likely to be asked to fill out the same information twice.

Improve patient experience.

Patients can fill out forms from the comfort of their homes on any device. Forms are easy and intuitive to use and can be completed by patients prior to arriving to a care setting, saving you and them time.

Personalise with built-in logic.

Use our friendly form builder with branching or conditional logic to guide patients and support clinical decisions — providing intelligent behaviour based on submitted answers and helping you to increase your form completion rates and improve data collection.

Harness your data.

Patient data can be sent to your team quickly to approve, guaranteeing your digital forms are completed correctly. Forms4health is also a powerful analytical tool, so insights can be gleaned much faster, since staff don’t have to read through paperwork or perform their own analysis.

Stay safe and secure.

Handling patient data needs to be done with care and follow strict GDPR regulations. Our eforms are compliant and ensure that sensitive patient data is stored in the right place at the right time and only accessed by the right people.

Integrate and connect.

Our digital forms platform can easily integrate with your existing electronic patient record system or video consultation technology. And supports information sharing across departments or care settings.

Use our new supercharged forms designer

With huge improvements to user experience, it’s now quick and easy to design complex forms, validate them and access new features that can take your forms to the next level!

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