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A fast and easy way to automated testing

Test with confidence using our powerful automation testing tool that supports your development workflow.

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Why choose Aire Assert?

Investment in healthcare technology needs to drive productivity and results. Effective test automation is key in helping you achieve this. And it need not be difficult.

AireAssert makes test automation easy. No more failing tests due to user interface (UI) changes. For example, if the implementation of a field changes, AireAssert changes, and your tests keep on passing.

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Make tests accessible

Tests are written in business language (instead of code) using a gherkin-based dialect, so they can be read and understood by anyone.

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Aire Assert test example showing body mass index

Utilise cloud testing

By choosing to run tests in the cloud, you can meet your goals faster, with greater accuracy and minimal investment. You can also integrate tests into your own release process by using our webhook integration.

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Accelerate your workflow

Integrating with our other Aire Logic products lets you focus on verifying business rules rather than the technical details of creating automated test packs — making rapid integration testing easy.

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Report with ease

With a choice of reporting, you can include AireAssert results in your own test reports. You can also record images and videos including entire test runs (if needed) to support quality assurance.

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Book a demo

Why not take a quick tour of AireAssert to see how it can support your needs?

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