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Digital referral, triage and management

Our digital solution empowers healthcare staff to rapidly screen and assess the needs of patients.

Digitally transforming healthcare

We recognise healthcare services (particularly specialities) are under increasing demand, often outstripping clinical capacity. Triaging referrals takes time and needs to be assessed carefully by a clinician or specialist to determine the appropriate care pathway. This process can be time-consuming for clinicians and creates delays for patients, making it ideal for digitising.

That's why we've developed AireCase, a digital solution for referral, triage and case management. It enables staff to access an administration portal, where they can quickly process patient forms and keep an audit trail.

Improve patient experience.

Patients can fill out various forms to register or self-refer from the comfort of their homes. Forms are easy and intuitive to use and can be completed on any device, saving your patients time.

Manage workflows.

Access a single view of your workflows to screen and assess the needs of all referrals — including a complete history, current status and future steps. Healthcare staff can also interact with patients to gather further information and decide on the most appropriate pathway. All information recorded is available for reporting.

Deliver care efficiently.

View important patient information in one place, like test results and diagnoses needed to create a holistic patient experience. And avoid delays in delivering care by alerting the right healthcare specialist to the right tasks.

Make data-driven decisions.

Access a powerful analytical tool that supports better clinical decision-making, patient safety and reporting. View aggregated data captured through forms. Use data visualisation tools to monitor and spot trends in your data.

Coordinate care better.

Seamlessly refer and transfer patients from one care setting to another. And make it easier for healthcare teams working across organisations to access patient information like a care plan or medical history — improving communication and collaboration, and enabling you to provide the best possible care.