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Electronic pre-operative assessment workflow

Automate your processes to collect assessments quickly, speed up surgical readiness and administrative tasks.

Digitally transforming healthcare

Pre-operative assessments ensure all patients are fit and ready for elective surgery. However, assessments often involve different paper-based forms and documents informing the patient about their procedure. This can be time-consuming and costly.

That's why we've developed our electronic pre-operative assessment workflow (ePOA) which streamlines the surgical consultation to theatre booking process — reducing the administrative burden on staff, supporting theatre lists to run smoothly and without delay, and improving patient experience.

Customise your workflows.

Design custom task-based workflows that replicate and streamline existing paper-based processes within your organisation, eliminating the hassle and costs associated.

Improve the patient experience.

Enable patients to quickly review and complete digital assessments from the comfort of their homes — reducing face-to-face visits in clinics or hospitals. Patients can access a user-friendly interface on multiple devices, which requires no login or registration.

Connect with existing systems.

Integrate ePOA with your other healthcare applications, like patient administration and electronic patient record systems — recording complete patient information. In future, we can expand ePOA regionally across an integrated care system.

Streamline consent-to-treatment.

Our e-consult feature enables patients to receive the right information at the right time before they consent to treatment — reducing the risk of errors or misunderstandings between clinicians and patients. eConsult is also available as a standalone solution.

Manage theatre slots.

Improve the management of theatre slot bookings and cut overheads associated with cancellations and administration costs.

Reduce administrative burdens.

Make significant consent process improvements while enabling clinicians to consult with more patients. Proactively manage patient surgical backlogs. For example, clinicians can suggest health or fitness interventions to help at-risk patients prepare for surgery.

Make data-driven decisions.

Access a reporting dashboard that supports better clinical decision-making, patient safety and reporting. Use data visualisation tools to monitor and spot trends in your data.

Why choose low code?

Healthtech needn’t be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. All of our digital healthcare products are developed with business users in mind and can be used with little to no coding experience.

We provide visual and simple ways to build forms — helping you build applications from scratch that are interoperable and scalable. 

Let our technology do the hard work for you, while you focus on innovation.

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