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Primary care services

We offer a range of digital healthcare products that can help you manage demand and transform the way you interact and care for your patients.

Supporting you to become 'digital first'

 With an ageing population, the impact of COVID-19 and hospital backlogs placing strain on general practice, we understand primary care is facing intense pressures.

 With an ageing population, the impact of COVID-19 and hospital backlogs placing strain on general practice, we understand primary care is facing intense pressures.

Drive patients to self-care and save time.

Our online consultations offer patients a quick and convenient alternative to accessing your services. Patients can find immediate answers to their queries online and manage their own care, reducing the number of appointments in surgery and freeing up phone lines.

Clinicians can then access this information ahead of a consultation, and prioritise patients who need urgent care. Saving time for both patients and clinicians.

Provide quick and easy video consultation.

A key advantage of video consultations is the ability to spot visual cues, body language or perform a visual examination like an inhaler technique assessment.

Clinicians can also screen capture visual symptoms for their records. While patients who are housebound due to acute pain or mental health problems can easily access your healthcare services remotely.

Access information in one place.

Our technology enables you to view a patient’s care plan or medical history in one place, like test results and diagnoses needed to provide a holistic patient experience.

Avoid delays or bottlenecks in the delivery of care, by sharing patient records with other healthcare professionals or specialists. And receive task reminders or warnings to manage your time and ensure the safe delivery of care.

Coordinate care better.

Automate your tasks and create workflows to prioritise your time and seamlessly refer or transfer patients to other healthcare professionals or specialists. Enabling healthcare teams across other departments to access the same information to complete assigned tasks and keep patient records up to date.

Make data-driven decisions.

Benefit from powerful analytical tools that support better clinical decision-making, patient safety and reporting to monitoring bodies like the Care Quality Commission. Take advantage of data visualisation tools to easily monitor and spot trends in your data.

Personalise the experience.

Manage your daily tasks within your practice team through a personalised dashboard. Access useful metrics or information to inform your clinical decision-making. And engage patients at key touchpoints in their care pathway with tailored and real-time communications.

Why choose low code?

Healthtech needn’t be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. All of our digital healthcare products are developed with business users in mind and can be used with little to no coding experience.

We provide visual and simple ways to build forms — helping you build applications from scratch that are interoperable and scalable.

Let our technology do the hard work for you, while you focus on innovation.

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