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Safely manage controlled drugs

Our digital control drugs register empowers ambulance trusts to record and manage the safe use of controlled drugs.

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Digitally transforming healthcare

Ambulance trusts must enforce robust processes to manage the safe use of controlled drugs — minimising patient harm, misuse and crime. However, current methods are paper-based, creating considerable administration that is difficult to track and prone to error.

Our electronic controlled drugs register is a safe and legally compliant system that paramedics and other ambulance staff can use to safely manage controlled drugs, report incidents to ensure risks are mitigated and drugs are correctly disposed of.

Crew Functions

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Drugs return

Record and track stock

Track drugs when stored and in transit, record losses and breakages, and effectively replenish supplies and manage incidents. All drugs in the system have a unique ID and name, and belong to a batch.

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Control user access

Ambulance crew, site managers and administrators all have different roles and responsibilities. Limit access, permissions and the visibility of certain tasks based on a user’s role and their level of responsibility.

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Customise your workflows

Design custom workflows to align with your different drug schedules and ambulance crew.

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Notify users of tasks

Notify users in different locations about stock discrepancies and imbalances and lost or broken drugs.

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Integrate with existing systems

Integrate our cloud-based system with your existing healthcare systems and adapt it to accommodate your existing workflows and additional features.

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Why not take a quick tour of AireCDR and see how it can support your needs?

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