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Manage your patient pathways

Keep track of patient information in one place with our patient management system.

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Digitally transforming healthcare

Access to accurate and complete patient data is crucial for patient safety. AireFrame is an electronic healthcare record (EHR) that enables you to securely access and share patient information across departments (and beyond) — helping you to make better decisions about care.

Coordinate care better.

Seamlessly refer and transfer patients from one department to another. And make it easier for healthcare teams working across boundaries to access vital patient information — improving communication and collaboration to help you provide the best possible care.

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Improve patient experience.

View important information in one place like test results and diagnoses to create a holistic patient experience. AireFrame can trigger warnings, tasks and reminders — helping you to provide safer treatment. For example, requesting digital approvals from healthcare specialists avoids delays and bottlenecks in the delivery of care.

Integrate and connect.

Easily integrate and interoperate with your existing healthcare applications with APIs. AireFrame is even more powerful when it’s combined with our smart forms platform, Forms4Health to capture data from assessments, care plans and medication.

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Personalise the experience.

Personalise your dashboard to manage your daily tasks within your team or department. And access useful metrics or information to inform your clinical decision-making. Engage and manage patients at key touchpoints in their journey through personalised and real-time communications.

Make data-driven decisions.

Access a powerful analytical tool that supports better clinical decision-making, patient safety and reporting to monitoring bodies like the Care Quality Commission. And make use of data visualisation tools to easily monitor and spot trends in your data.

Improve data quality.

Standardising data collection and performance across departments or organisations supports data quality and the consistent analysis of the information captured. Higher data quality gives you more confidence in your decision making, ultimately leading to better care and patient safety.

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