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Connect your systems seamlessly with iPaaS

Our lightweight integrated engine helps you to quickly connect your services and applications.

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Integrating healthcare to improve patient care

Having the right information at the point of care is crucial to making critical healthcare decisions and improving patient outcomes. AireGlu, our integration engine is the ‘glue’ that connects many IT systems and applications together to support the flow of real-time data.

Integrating healthcare can be a daunting task, but our team of experts are on hand to understand your needs and ensure we develop a solution that’s fit for today and tomorrow.

Unlock the power of data.

Nurses, clinicians and other caregivers are often limited by the data available to them at the point of care. By ‘owning’ the data running through every workflow in your organisation and making it available when and where you need it, you can significantly improve patient care.

Manage routine tasks.

Automate your tasks with a library of out-of-the-box behaviours including HTTP requests, email, MESH, SMS and more — enabling you to create workflows that alert the right people to the right task. For example, our integration engine interprets data and helps you react accordingly to a variety of inputs like alerts, voice calls and record updates.

Scale as you grow.

Healthcare systems are continually expanding and consolidating. Whether your organisation is acquiring a new hospital or system, the increasing demands of your patients’ data are at an all-time high. Using a low-code approach, enables rapid application deployment (RAD) that gives you greater freedom to change and develop integrations between system components at speed.

Easy to use.

Combining an easy to use drag-and-drop functionality with the flexibility to write custom code — enables you to create interfaces between applications quickly — without complicated code.

Improve interoperability.

Connect new applications into infrastructure smoothly and with confidence. Integrate APIs and FHIR to transform patient care —supporting the NHS long term plan which is focused on improving the experiences of patients, driven by these new health tech innovations.

Get technical support.

Although we are continually developing AireGlu to meet new requirements and integration, we provide all of our customers with email or phone technical support from 8.30am to 5.30pm and resolve issues within the agreed SLAs. We also provide account management for customers to review new features and potentially extend the use of AireGlu.

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