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Easily connect with video consultations

Our safe and secure video consultation tool enables health professionals and patients to connect remotely.

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Making life at the front desk calmer.

Many medical enquiries like routine check-ups or test result
follow-ups can be resolved without patients needing to travel to face-to-face appointments.

OnAire, our video consultation platform, helps patients get help and support from their healthcare professionals as they would typically expect in person. Often more convenient, it saves patients time and money and reduces the stress of travelling. It also reduces the number of in-person visits, and can lead to fewer patients cancelling or not attending their appointments.

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Provide accessible services

Patients can connect securely with you from the comfort of their homes, reducing the costs and time associated to travel. Video consultations reduce exposing high-risk patients to others and support patients who are immobile or housebound due to medical reasons.

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Connect with others

Our group calling feature enables you to consult with multiple health professionals, chat with individuals and their families or patient groups. You can also use the feature to facilitate handover sessions between healthcare staff at the end of a long shift. The chatbar supports your conversations, and you can send and receive private messages if you don’t want to share sensitive information with the whole group.

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Perform visual assessments

A key advantage of video is the ability to spot non-verbal cues like body language, facial expressions and other undertones. Video consultations ensure communication is more personal and reassuring — helping clinicians perform visual examinations like inhaler technique assessments or screen capturing visual symptoms for their records.

Connect with others with in call messaging.

Create a 'digital first' patient experience with AireConsult

We've combined OnAire with our leading digital forms Forms4Health platform to improve the patient experience. Freeing up your time to focus on complex care for those who need it.

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Book a demo

Why not take a quick tour of OnAire to see how it can support your needs?

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