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Automate your healthcare management

Our intelligent workflow engine helps you to coordinate complex processes across teams, manage caseloads and prevent bottlenecks in patient care.

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Digitally transforming healthcare

Healthcare management is no simple task. When managing multiple activities across different teams or departments, communication can become fragmented, making it challenging to work as one team. Our workflow management system, AireFlow can help you coordinate and streamline your processes — ensuring tasks are completed on time and lead to better patient care.

Respond in real-time.

'Event-driven' design enables you to make decisions about patients in real-time. Since events are recorded as they occur, you can access all the data and context you need to make the best patient care and service planning decisions.

Create workflows easily.

We've designed AireFlow to empower people who understand your business needs to build workflows easily. Process enthusiasts or analysts can quickly design and create complete process apps in minutes — ultimately digitising processes in-house.

View information in one place.

Access a single view of your workflow, including its history, current status and future steps — enabling healthcare staff to manage interactions with patients or their teams and identify and investigate bottlenecks. What's more, all information that is captured is available for reporting.

Coordinate care better.

Seamlessly refer and transfer patients from one department to another. And make it easier for healthcare teams working across organisations to access patient information like a care plan or medical history — improving communication and collaboration, and providing the best possible care.

Improve patient experience.

View important patient information in one place, like test results and diagnoses needed to create a holistic patient experience. And avoid delays in the delivery of care by alerting the right healthcare specialist to the right tasks.

Integrate and connect.

Easily integrate and interoperate with your existing healthcare applications with APIs. AireFlow also works with our smart forms platform Forms4Health to capture data from assessments, care plans and medication.

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AireFlow workflow canvas user interface